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Friday, May 30, 2003
Keats, the Odes of 1819
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Thursday, May 29, 2003
star-nosed mole
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William Hogarth and 18th-Century Print Culture
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Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Sonnet: England in 1819

An old, mad, blind, despised, and dying king, --
Princes, the dregs of their dull race, who flow
Through public scorn, -- mud from a muddy spring, --
Rulers who neither see, nor feel, nor know,
But leech-like to their fainting country cling,
Till they drop, blind in blood, without a blow, --
A people starved and stabbed in the untilled field, --
An army, which liberticide and prey
Makes as a two-edged sword to all who wield, --
Golden and sanguine laws which tempt and slay;
Religion Christless, Godless -- a book sealed;
A Senate, -- Time's worst statute unrepealed, --
Are graves, from which a glorious Phantom may
Burst, to illumine our tempestous day.

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A Romantic Natural History
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"Rennie does not, however, we may note, state that Shelley habitually threw smaller boys at larger boys. The implication is that occasionally, perhaps, once only, he picked up a smaller boy and gestured with him when tormented beyond endurance."

Kenneth Neill Cameron The Young Shelley: Genesis of a Radical

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Tuesday, May 27, 2003
Happy Birthday Vincent Price, who introduced me to Poe in the movie theatres of Clinton, Ontario and Ayr, Scotland
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Though very hard to tell now, this was across the railroad tracks from our house.
posted by peter 1:58 PM
Chinatown, Nanaimo, Pine Street
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Ruins of Miner's Homes During the Strike, Extension
posted by peter 1:49 PM
Mural in the Malaspina Hotel Dining Room, Nanaimo
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Listening, over and over, to "Letter from an Occupant" by the New Pornographers.
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Ad in the Chuckwagon Market flyer today for "Et Tu Caesar Salad".
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Monday, May 26, 2003
"Couldn't pour piss out of his boot if the instructions were written on the heel"
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Nanaimo--you have to jump forward a bit
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Saturday, May 24, 2003
Happy Birthday Brooklyn Bridge
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Vernacular Churches in Houston and Los Angeles
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William Blake, Illustrations to Gray
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Friday, May 23, 2003

The drunken Commodore
whose only weekend chore
had been to choose between
the white and yellow moons
wuffles inside his cap awake
at the back of the boathouse;
outside and on
the windows pearls
the kind of Scotch mist
birds like, also
soaking it up
the little flowers
that make a furry
bed under the reach
of the lawnmower’s blade.
The dandelions
already white-headed ghosts.
He’d dreamt
the seasons and conversations
had mulched themselves
and from the base
a clear sweet liquid
had been extracted.

posted by peter 11:01 AM
Snuneymuxw Treaty Negotiations
posted by peter 9:24 AM
happy birthday Frank McHugh!
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Steely Dan - The Mu Major Chord
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Thursday, May 22, 2003
Journey to the West


Sad Uncle Chimp
caught looking
caught weeping
tears soak
the flocking
of your old retainer’s
You know
an old master
with aquavit breath
would have added
a ruby or gold chain
to your dowry,
sketched the shadow
of the upturned
punchbowl, the fragments
of ham lodged
in your goatee--
but the masque is ended;
the pavilions blue stripes
doubled and folded,
tepid ice buckets
poured onto the lawn.

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more paintings by Stuart Davis
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Park Avenue Cubists
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Happy Birthday
Gerard de Nerval


All things feel- Pythagoras

So you alone are blessed with thought, free-thinking man,
In a world where life bursts forth from everything?
You are free to dispose of forces at your command
But the universe is absent from your well-laid plans.

Honor each creature for the mind in which it takes part:
Each flower is a soul turned towards Nature's face;
Each metal hides some ancient mystery of the heart;
"All things feel!" And all you are is within their art.

Beware, even blind walls may spy on you:
Even dumb matter is imbued with voice...
Put not its precious stuff to impious use.

The most obscure of beings may house a hidden god;
And like the new-born eye pouched within its lids,
Pure mind drives its bud though the husk of stones.

Tr. Richard Sieburth

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Wednesday, May 21, 2003
excellent Charles Taylor on "24"
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Welcome aboard!
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Pope's Grotto
posted by peter 2:08 PM
Happy Returns of the day to Robert Creeley
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and Alexander Pope!
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New Ann Landers?
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Tuesday, May 20, 2003
"Fleischer was so parsimonious with information that in a single briefing shortly after Bush took office, he appeared to say he did not comment on the past, present or future."
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Monday, May 19, 2003
O Canada
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Nanaimo Bar Recipes
posted by peter 9:43 AM
Nanaimo Bars mentioned in "A Mighty Wind" yesterday, and then they sang "O Canada" on "The Simpsons" season finale so auspicious Empire Day news all round. Early morning walk with Daph who spotted:

Dame's Rocket (gathered for Loraine)
Tiny Wild Lupin (very tiny)
Purple Goat's Beard
Orange Honeysuckle
Coral Bell Wild Orchids
Vanilla Leaf (no smell)
Star Flower
Miner's Lettuce
Choke Cherry
Buttercups (lots)
Wild Blackberry (rare and finest of all pie berries)
Apple Blossoms (almost over)
Nosebleed Red Broom (added by me)

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Saturday, May 17, 2003
Lightning Strikes!!
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Robert Smithson
posted by peter 11:16 AM

A Short Description of Two Mirrored Crystal Structures

Both structures have symmetric frameworks, these frameworks are on top of the faceted mirrored surfaces, rather than hidden behind the surfaces. The frameworks have broken through the surfaces, so to speak, and have become "paintings." The frameworks are light blue with rose mirrors and yellow with blue mirrors.

Each framework supports the reflections of a concatenated interior. The interior structure of the room surrounding the work is instantaneously undermined. The surfaces seem thrown back into the wall. "Space" is permuted into a multiplicity of directions. One becomes conscious of space attenuated in the form of elusive flat planes. The space is both crystalline and collapsible. In the rose piece the floor hovers over the ceiling. Vanishing points are deliberately inverted in order to increase one's awareness of total artifice.

The commonplace is transformed into a labyrinth of non-objective abstractions. Abstractions are never transformed into the commonplace. All dimensionality is drained off through the steep angled planes. The works feed back in infinite numbers of reflected "ready-mades."

from Unpublished Writings in Robert Smithson: The Collected Writings, edited by Jack Flam, published University of California Press, Berkeley, California, 2nd Edition 1996

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Evening Landscape with Shepherd
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Cloud and Moon study by Johan Christian Dahl
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The Modern Antiquarian
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Friday, May 16, 2003
"There is no obligation to be remarkable."
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Tonight my wife must watch alone
the full moon over Fu-zhou;
I think sadly of my sons and daughters far away,
too young to understand this separation
or remember our life in Chang'an.
In fragrant mist, her flowing hair is damp;
In clear moonlight, her jade-white arms are cold.
When will we lean at the open casement together
while the moonlight dries our shining tears?

Du Fu

posted by peter 9:20 AM
Amidst the flowers a jug of wine,
I pour alone lacking companionship.

So raising the cup I invite the Moon,

Then turn to my shadow which makes three of us.

Because the Moon does not know how to drink,

My shadow merely follows the movement of my body.

The moon has brought the shadow to keep me company a while,

The practice of mirth should keep pace with spring.

I start a song and the moon begins to reel,

I rise and dance and the shadow moves grotesquely.

While I'm still conscious let's rejoice with one another,

After I'm drunk let each one go his way.

Let us bind ourselves for ever for passionless journeyings.

Let us swear to meet again far in the Milky Way.

Li Bai

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

June Carter Cash 1929-2003

she wrote this just after she met Johnny
a bit of Blake in her I think--

Love is a burnin' thing,
And it makes a fiery ring
Bound by wild desire --
I fell into a ring of fire.

I fell into a burnin' ring of fire --
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burn, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

The taste of love is sweet
When hearts like ours meet.
I fell for you like a child --
Oh, but the fire ran wild.

I fell into a burnin' ring of fire --
I went down, down, down
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burn, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire.

I fell into a burnin' ring of fire --
I went down, down, down,
And the flames went higher,
And it burns, burn, burns,
The ring of fire, the ring of fire

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_The Devil's Walk_ by Percy Bysshe Shelley
posted by peter 4:20 PM
above and below from excellent Romantic Circles
posted by peter 4:19 PM
Coleridge - "Wanderings of Cain" -
posted by peter 4:15 PM
who lives in a pineapple under the sea?

posted by peter 2:02 PM
don't forget the eclipse! tonight 8:13 PST

Albedo Moon Images
posted by peter 1:58 PM
Gallery of the moonstruck, pt. one

Du Fu
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John Keats
posted by peter 12:35 PM
Li Bai
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"Ounce for ounce, they have a tremendously effective neuro-toxic venom...Where they occur, they often occur in very high numbers, but usually nobody is aware that they are there."
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Dictionary of Newfoundland English Online
posted by peter 8:49 AM
Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric
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Wednesday, May 14, 2003
actual research

Zeppelin and Tolkien Relations Page
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British Library Images Online
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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

and in return
a free hour
of Super-Collapse!

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brought home by Daph
from the Big City,
not realising
I'm a fancy condiment away
from devouring the earth!

posted by peter 3:10 PM
Here's a poem by Gerrit Henry, an art critic and poet who just passed. It's from the only book of his I have, "The Mirrored Clubs of Hell". For some reason a number of New York school related books--including not only Koch and Ashbery, but some of those neat little Grove art paperbacks and MOMA catalogues--were scattered around Nanaimo used book stores for a few years in the late eighties/early nineties, including Henry's, which I might not have otherwise seen.

What is Art?

What is art?
Late nights sans pot,
And people about whom
You care a lot?

What is art
But a living shade,
And a certain hopfulness
About making the grade?

What is art?
Paying it off?
Stifling the
Too-jealous cough?

What is art?
Can it be bought
With a guarantee
You won't get caught?

Who is art?
Is she a Mr.?
An anti-communist,
A dope, a drifter?

Who is art?
Sir Walter Raleigh?
Or Pollyanna whom
For short we call Polly?

Who is art?
A man killed by bees?
A friendly but perverted
Desire to please?

What is art,
But a lost
Shakespeare troupe, Benvenuto
Cellini, Shelley Winters, The Group?

What is art?
Did it go unsaid
Until Friedrich Nietzsche
Declared God dead?

What is art?
Utter derision?
A new Job who
Will never get the vision?

What is art?
What about creation?
Do you really need
An explanation?

What is art?
Is it deep?
A dreamer in
A conscious sleep?

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Hatlessly ventured out on the cold inside but slightly muggy and squinty outside day, buoyed by the fresh breeze that sprang up to alter my usual circuit for the shorter but woodsier one. But for only the second time since we moved here was turned back by gunfire coming from what sounded like (though always hard to tell in the echo-multiplying sound field of the valley) the coal tip. What sounded like a 22 in three shot bursts. Am I going to have to get one of those unflattering orange hats? I thought. So pivoted right sharp let me tell you, over the steepish ridge to a moss meadow, complete with lovely blue camas flowers today, but which appends onto several back yards hence a degree of caution. Many of the old trails of my little network either cross or border new houses, bought by people generally seeking both the convenience of town and the big lots, relaxed codes and implied omerta of country living, and as a group very attached to a pioneering aggresiveness about property rights, and instructing their dogs likewise. So every crack of dry branch a lttle louder, though the dogs are chained up ninety-five percent of the time, the owners inside or away as I skirt their homes ninety-nine point nine. But as I'm negotiating the last of the dry branches before the road the familar sense I'd had for a while, that some sort of twig had fallen down my back, began in a flash to seem more urgent, reaching down the back of my shirt I retrieved some sort of brown tick that had at that moment begun to dig in to me. Sending it flying in what could well have been the nick of time resulted in some small commotion of undergrowth stomping on my part which immediately caused every jack russell, pomeranian, dachsund, whippet, pit bull and terrier in the area to run to that part of their property nearest to me and bark their fucking brains out. But all fenced and not a human in sight. I slunk through the street with phantom bite pains causing big hysterical shivers.
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links to some Vancouver artists...though very little useful web content on Canadian art generally...
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Antonia Hirsch
posted by peter 9:45 AM
| Roy Arden - Selected Works |
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| Evan Lee - Selected Works |
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Monday, May 12, 2003
BC Archives Time Machine
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The Cutups

In the end a kind of delay, the unsupportable "whelmed over", annexable. Roofers two doors down through redusted screen, five of them, stepping out at eight the first real full hit of spring aroma taken in as a bottle of Grolsch would, someone's thumbs hooking up on the tense wire structure keeping the bit of air in and then that second and a half of intake as the rubber peels from the brown glass.

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Sunday, May 11, 2003
Still waiting.

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Laurence Sterne in Cyberspace
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John Clare Page
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BBC - History - The 1798 Irish Rebellion
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Vinegar Hill
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One of Joyce’s letters to Nora (thank you Jordan) cut up with Sidney Blumenthal in Slate.
Wasn’t going to put this filth up (being a genteel blogger) until encouraged to do so by Kevin Davies of Vinegar Hill, to whom any compaints should be directed.

No letter! Now persona. We understood that other people's girlie marriages were mysterious. We befriended those offended at my filthy words. And I made friends with Said about your drawers? That is Hitchens' friend, the novelists Martin Amis, all nonsense, darling. I know them and Salman Rushdie. After I left as spotless as your hearth. I ,Vanity Fair, to join them knew I could lick them all and Hitchens was hired by over, frills, legs and bottom. Only Vanity Fair, his perpetual money problems, my love in my dirty way seemed to be alleviated. At last, to think that in a certain he had his own Condé Nast parts they are soiled. It is expense account. It is only the dirty party after the White House Correspondents sound of a word I like, Dinner, the first of these now the idea if a shy beautiful annual events being held in his young girl like Nora pulling up apartment. He was delighted when I her clothes behind and revealing her helped him compile guest lists, especially sweet white girlish drawers in order of Clinton administration figures he didn't excite the dirty fellow she knew. In the early Democratic campaign he is so fond of; and then in 1992, Hitchens had favored Jerry letting him stick his dirty red Brown's quixotic effort, seeing in him lumpy pole in through the split some leftist crusader. He muttered after her drawers up Clinton's election about how it was up in the darling little hole bad for the left; he'd rather between her plump fresh buttocks. He knew little the G.PO. though I have three about America's history, traditions, or Constitution. Letters to post. He was holding forth that he should go cover an extended political campaign in the Midwest. That never quieted him; he continued to cite Noam Chomsky on the perfidy of U.S. imperialism. I asked if paper even but the dirtiest had spoken with a lawyer, the most beautiful. The two parts of he hadn't. I asked if he your body which do dirty wanted to speak to my lawyer. Things are the loveliest to me. He said he had already signed I prefer your arse, darling, to the affidavit and faxed it back. Your bubbies because it does such. "I'm not completely sure about my a dirty thing. I love your memory," he said. "Well, Scott, we'll cunt not so much because it just see what happens. Thanks for is the part I block but calling." A few hours later, Armstrong does another dirty thing.. "This is ludicrous," Armstrong looking at the divine word you told the Washington Post. "I don't write and at the thing you want to become part of any said you would do with your political witch hunt." "They were using tongue. I wish I could hear me to set up Blumenthal," he lips spluttering those heavenly exciting said to Newsday. "I said filthy words, see your mouth making didn't have any information to relate, dirty sounds and noises, feel you except for the date. But her body wriggling under me, her and B insisted." Before he had signed, smell the dirty fat girlish farts his affidavit was leaked. "So pop out of you called up B and said: pretty bare girlish bum and fuck 'If you're going to leak stuff fuck my naughty little about me, at least leak something hot fuckbird's cunt for ever. I am that's true.' " With Armstrong happy now, because my little whore’s affidavits, it seemed to me tells me she wants me to, that Hitchens either was panicked or roger her arseways and wants me being prodded by the House to fuck her mouth and wants Republicans, or likely both. I tried to unbutton me and pull out to recall such a lunch. He my mickey and suck it off and I had had many over like a teat. More and dirtier the years. Then my lawyer received than this she wants to do, a fax from the manager of my little naked fucker, my naughty the Occidental Grill, who, on his wriggling little frigger, my sweet dirty own, had located a receipt signed little farter. Goodnight, my little cuntie I by Hitchens for lunch on March am going to lie down and 19. (The bar bill before I pulled at myself until I come was $18.84.) Now I remembered. Write more and dirtier, darling. Tickle that lunch. It wasn't March 17, your little cockney while you write and it was impossible for Armstrong to make you say worse and to have heard Hitchens' story on worse. Write the dirty words big March 18. But I refrained from and underline them and kiss them giving my account, not wanting to and hold them for a moment feed the frenzy. To understand what to your sweet hot cunt, darling, had really happened at our lunch, and also pull up your dress or even why I had broken a moment and hold them under bread with such a fervent Clinton-hater, your dear little farting bum. Do it's necessary to understand the history more if you wish and send of our friendship. I first met the letter then to me, my Christopher Hitchens at a think-tank seminar, darling brown-arsed fuckbird. I would be delighted to Washington in 1985. I wish at the home of Peter P, you would smack me or flog a British journalist, and his wife, me even. Not in play dear then my colleague in earnest and on my naked the Washington Post, we encountered Hitchens’ flesh. I wish you were strong, he rose at the table to strong, dear, and had a big toast our hosts, reciting several bawdy full proud bosom and big fat English limericks, and then launching into thighs. I would love to a gleeful and scurrilous story about be whipped by you, love! A high Reagan administration official, "Reagan's I would love to have done whip master," who he claimed was something to displease you, something trivial a secret lesbian. Early on, Jackie and then to hear you call I gave Hitchens' son boxes of me into your room and then toys that our boys had outgrown to find you sitting in. We invited him to celebrate American armchair with your fat thighs far holidays like the Fourth of July apart and your face deep red and Thanksgiving with us. Sometime in with anger and a cane in the late 1980s, he announced dramatically your hand. To see you point that we were related. He claimed to what I had done and to have learned from his dying then with a movement of rage grandmother that he was Jewish and pull me towards you and throw that his family name was really me face downwards across your lap. "Blumenthal." We were supportive of flog, flog me viciously on my Eleni, but when suddenly, the plot became clearer lot of tiny little naughty farties -- and more threatening. B's affidavit ending in a long gush from included "facts in addition to those your hole. It is wonderful to set forth" by Hitchens. Now it fuck a farting woman when every was apparent that the goal was fuck drives one out of her. To accuse the president of obstructing I think I would know Nora's justice through me -- Graham's original fart anywhere. I think I could obsession -- and that I was pick hers out in a roomful covering it up with perjury. Hitchens' of farting women. It is an affidavit hadn't been sufficient, so the rather girlish noise not like the one now submitted by his wife wet windy fart which I imagine added this charge: "During that lunch, fat wives have. It is sudden in the presence of myself and dry and dirty like what Christopher Hitchens, Mr. Blumenthal stated that a bold girl would let off the president told him that he in fun in a school dormitory [the president] was the 'victim' of at night. I hope Nora will Monica Lewinsky's sexual advances and that let off no end of her she was a 'stalker,' and was farts in my face so 'crazy.' Mr. Blumenthal used the word I may know their smell also. Mr. Blumenthal conveyed his conviction to suck me off and you that the president's version of the want me to lick your cunt, events were [sic] true." I chose you you little depraved blackguard. If I fanned the lover to me with the whore's flames of an absurd side issue, glow in your slumberous eyes, gently even though it involved my reputation, undo button after button in the I might give the House Managers fly of my trousers and gently a way to prolong the trial. Take out your lover's fat mickey, This one had been submitted a mass of slime and your by Scott Armstrong, a former Washington body wriggling wildly. Goodnight, my little farting Post reporter and, as it happened, Nora, my dirty little fuckbird! There the father of a classmate is of one lovely word, darling, you my older son. It read: "On have underlined to make me pull or about March 18, 1998, I myself off better. Write me more was on a panel discussion at about that and yourself, sweetly, dirtier, the National Press Club with Christopher dirtier. I mean the part where "She gave me a long story. You say what you will do did I remember being with them with your tongue (I don't mean at the Press Club and that sucking me off) and in that they mentioned a conversation with you. Lovely word you write so big if I were called, would I and underline, you little blackguard. It verify their account? Before I read it, I got cockstand. Tell me the smallest things a call from ABC News. I would like you to wear call from my lawyer’s drawers with three or four frills "There's an affidavit from a British one over the other at the journalist claiming you committed perjury," he knees up the thighs and told me. That seemed incomprehensible. What great crimson bows in them, I lunatic twist was this? I couldn't mean not schoolgirls' drawers with a imagine who or what he was thin shabby lace border, thigh round talking about. "Who is this person?" the legs and so thin that I asked., "That's his frills and lace and ribbons, and wife," I said. "Christopher Hitchens is heavy with perfume so that whenever my friend. That can't possibly be you show them, whether in pulling true." "Well, it is," said McDaniel. Up your clothes hastily to do McDaniel. Read me the affidavit Hitchens something or cuddling yourself up prettily had filed with the House Managers: to be blocked. I can see " only a swelling mass of white am self-employed and contribute articles to stuff and frills and so that Vanity Fair and The Nation. Sidney when I bend down over you Blumenthal and I are social friends to open them and give you and journalistic acquaintances a burning lustful kiss on your naughty bare bum I can smell I met for lunch at the perfume of your drawers as Occidental restaurant in Washington, D.C. [Hitchens well as the warm odour of handwrote the date.] Your cunt and the heavy smell is a true, authentic of your behind. Have I shocked you sports sedan with performance written all by the dirty things I wrote over it. Drive it. If called poses sometimes. I imagine things so to testify, I would testify on very dirty that I will not personal knowledge to the following facts. write them until I see how "During lunch on March 17, 1998, you write yourself. The smallest things in the presence of myself and give me a great cockstand - C B, Mr. Blumenthal stated that, a whorish movement of your mouth, Monica Lewinsky had been a 'stalker' a little brown stain on the and that the president was 'the seat of your white drawers, a victim' of a predatory and unstable sudden dirty word spluttered out by sexually demanding young woman. Referring to your wet lips, a sudden immodest Ms. Lewinsky, Mr. Blumenthal used the noise made by you behind and word 'stalker' several times. Mr. Blumenthal then a bad smell slowly curling advised us that this version of up out of your backside. At the facts was not generally understood. such moments I feel mad to "Also during that lunch, Mr. Blumenthal do it in some filthy way, stated that Kathleen Willey's poll numbers to feel your hot lecherous lips were high but would fall and sucking away at me, to fuck would not look so good in between your two rosy-tipped bubbies, to a few days. "I have knowledge come on your face and squirt that Mr. Blumenthal recounted to other it over your hot cheeks and people in the journalistic community the eyes, to stick it between the same story about Monica Lewinsky that cheeks of your rump and bugger he told to me. Basta per stasera! My sweet little my friends. If the point of whorish Nora I did as you the affidavit was to prove I told me, you dirty little girl, had obstructed justice by prodding Hitchens, and pulled myself off twice when by then a vehement Clinton-hater, to I read your letter. I am write a "stalker" story, that was delighted to see that you do ludicrous. If the point was to like being fucked arseways. Yes, now charge me with perjury, that, too, I can remember that night when was nonsensical, because Hitchens's affidavit didn't I fuck you for so long contradict my sworn testimony. Even more backwards. It was the dirtiest fucking perplexing, Hitchens's affidavit was utterly irrelevant I ever gave you, darling. My articles of impeachment and prick was stuck in you for could have no effect on the hours, fucking in and out under outcome of the president's trial. While your upturned rump. I felt your McDaniel was reading it to me fat sweaty buttocks under my belly on the phone, reporters broke into and saw your flushed face and the television broadcasts of the trial mad eyes. At every fuck I with the startling news that a gave you your shameless tongue came surprise affidavit had been filed charging bursting out through your lips and me with perjury. As soon as if a gave you a bigger I hung up, my phone started stronger fuck than usual, fat dirty to ring, of course. Some of farts came spluttering out of your the reporters who telephoned said Hitchens backside. You had an arse full had instigated their queries. The day of farts that night, darling, and after the House Managers released Hitchens' I fucked them out of you, affidavit, they made public a second big fat fellows, long windy ones, affidavit, signed by his wife, quick little merry cracks.

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Saturday, May 10, 2003
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Moon
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Bugs, Weeds, and Zoobabies
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Seed Catalogues
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Licorice Morpheus

It’s been a long time since I’ve heard anyone wheel in the big clarinet like that, and well brought off too, coming in so deep and woody from nowhere to the foreground, just under the water-colour chords whose substance the soft charcoal begins to evaporate. As when on the Village Vanguard album Dolphy follows Coltrane on “Spiritual” with such authority as to make Trane's solo seem in memory anguished and oversold. Coltrane you or I if we might, Dolphy riding a peacock blue horse at the head of Xenophon’s army. But the ear is hostage to those low cathedral tones, any whole note emerging true from a dented curve of brass summons a hundred hounds from their bowls, a motley militia from the surrounding woods.

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Friday, May 09, 2003
It rises far in creating a unique anti-Americanism has become almost up in my throat supporter of toppling Saddam (uncontrollable.) It has possessed me, niche among the nine must in 2004 like acid reflux, that fashionable candidate. Gephardt was early like a disease. (It American sickness. I now election) Up after the rises up in my throat supporter of toppling Saddam Iraq war would make me feel ill. And it (a must in 2004 like acid reflux, that has. It has made me much, much more ill fashionable American sickness. I now election) My anti-Americanism has become almost far in creating a unique niche among the nine uncontrollable. It has possessed me, like a disease. It candidates. I now loathe the United States economy dips precipitously is the lone Democrat who can and what the liberal press here won’t back away from a fight. Cartoon faces, with big sharp teeth. It is grotesque. It is hideous. A nation that can paint those faces on death machines must be insane. There, I have said it. I detest burgers, it planes out of comic strips. This is simply not is hideous. This great and powerful nation bombs foreign possible. "The language of Shakespeare," the commentator that I took to be Ho Chi Minh, intoned, "has conquered Vietnam." I did not note down still familiarly known in America by its old French the dialogue, though I can vouch for that sentence colonial name of Saigon. "The language of Shakespeare," the about the language of Shakespeare. But the word "dollar" commentator intoned, "has conquered Vietnam." A nation that currency. The Vietnamese had won the war, but those can paint those faces on death machines must be faces to be painted as an image on its insane. There, I have said it. I have tried national aeroplanes has regressed into unimaginable irresponsibility. A nation to control my anti-Americanism, remembering the many Americans that that can paint those faces on death machines must I know and respect, but I can't keep it be insane. There, I have said it. I have down any longer. I tried to control my anti-Americanism, remembering the many Americans, I detest burgers, I detest American it down any longer. I detest burgers, I detest sentimental and violent didn't even win. On April 29, 2000, I switched Hollywood movies that tell lies about history. I detest on CNN in my hotel room and, by chance, American imperialism, American infantilism, and American triumphalism about victories saw an item designed to celebrate the 25th anniversary it didn't even win. On April 29, 2000, I of they were. We have almost ceased Boy, Daisy Cutter, and so forth. Voltaire told us that we invent words to ceased to notice when suicide bombers are described as conceal truths. More recently, Orwell pointed out to us "cowards". But there was something about long ago, Voltaire told us that we invent words those playfully grinning warplane faces that went beyond deception to conceal truths. More recently, Orwell pointed out to and distortion into the land of madness. They bay, indefinitely, and it may well hold them there call this justice and the rule of law America for ever.

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Ancestor of Coolidge.

Trithemius: The art of drawing spirits into crystals
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A lot of the "invocational" texts I was using in those cut-ups below I got from this very well done site.

Twilit Grotto -- Esoteric Archives
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for those looking in who may not know, this site has more links than "Prime Cut" starring Lee Marvin and Gene Hackman, including a list of poetry audio second to none.

Laurable's Poetry Weblog
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why not go and sit a spell with my good buddyLarry Krone
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Sweet Exorcist.

Three soldiers trapped behind enemy lines when Full Metal Jacket left town, chasing Dennis Hopper with a bamboo camera. The third bumble-bee sized fly in as many quarter-hours means its time to put the screen in, which since I took it down to dust last October has gotten dusty again; too fucking bad. I’d been keeping the blinds down so as not to attract into my room the sparrows nesting in the neighbour’s big walnut just outside my window, who treat every other local portal as a kind of annex, later the dumb nestlings who won’t quite know where they are. The grid of the screen also more apparent to them than the reflective glass I think. They can fly up to the window all they want.

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Thursday, May 08, 2003
The needle continues to wear after a good Blix was never going to be able to do. Fit is secured, therefore, a new needle should be. The difficulty of locating weapons of mass destruction doesn't used every time a record is changed. Good grade of needles should be used. It proves that inspections could never have worked while Hussein remained in power. Around the country in regard to this lies mostly in seeing to it tractor-trailers, buried them in out-of-the-way places and so on. That the record is clean and that good. The lesson is that finding Hussein's weapons isn't as needle as used in the pick-up. As stated in simple as pulling over to the side of the section 63, the record is purposely made abrasive, so road and peering into suspicious-looking buildings. It requires cracking as to wear the needle quickly to a good open the elaborate secrecy apparatus surrounding them. Hans Blix intimated as groove, or breaking of the film, the sound and much when he archly noted that "It is conspicuous picture will remain synchronized throughout the run, if properly that so far [U.S. troops] have not stumbled upon started. The device for translating the sound record of anything, evidence." The reason U.S. troops haven't yet found the disc. Sound itself must be capable of anything in that Hussein worked assiduously to hide his doing so without introducing distortion. The operator's responsibility in proscribed weapons. Iraq moved weapons the record and is creeping ever closer to the liberal mainstream. My picture must coincide at all times. Since the turntable fellow liberals who have taken up this line are mechanism is mechanically geared to the sprocket which pulls once again making a disastrous misjudgment. The soft version of the film through the machine, the proper relation of this argument is that the delay in finding weapons speed between film and disc is maintained at all of mass destruction proves we should have given the time, barring mishaps, such as the needle jumping the U.N. A second consideration is that the record mass destruction. Opponents of the war must be rotated at an absolutely consredt speed as assert, or at least hint, that the entire rationale even slight variations in speed will result in "wows." For the conflict has been undermined. The notion that to prevent any such slight variations of speed a Bush made the whole thing up about weapons of mechanical "filtering" device is incorporated in the synchronous turntable mass destruction has taken root on the left and drive. For synchronous reproduction of sound silly for a projector drive. When DC motors are used for few days later when Saddam Hussein's regime collapsed, to projector drive the speed must be adjusted by the apparent delight of most Iraqis. The speed of opponents are making a similar mistake. The present cause the non-synchronous turntables must also be adjusted by their crowing is the failure (thus far) of operator. The method of doing this is described in the military to find solid evidence of weapons of section 79. Extended period of time that its speed is seventy-eight revolutions per minute. This is accomplished could not be conclusively disproved until its adherents were by making the speed of the reproducer turntable correspond all long dead. Alas, after the campaign hit a with the speed of the recorder. For synchronous disc snag, many doves were unable to resist. the temptation reproduction this is taken care of in the design to crow over the supposed overconfidence of the war of the projector, and consredt speed motors are used plan -- and as a result looked pitch). liberal doves all made pretty much the same point, This condition can be obtained by running the disc with some variation: However successful the conflict itself might record during reproduction at exactly the same speed as be, the long-term diplomatic costs of alienating much of the wax disc was run when the sound was the world would outweigh any benefits. This prediction, while recorded. For synchronous records this speed is thirty-three and questionable, at least had the benefit of playing out one-third revolutions per minute. For nonsynchronous records the proper over such a good sound reproduction .
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Procurement of a lapidary good clear pellucid war in Iraq was going superbly; just 19 days had crystal, of the bigness of a small orange, i.e. about passed, and already coalition troops were inside Baghdad, on the one inch and a half in diameter; let it be verge of giving him his second military victory as president. Globular or round each way alike; then, when you have the hunt was on for chemical weapons, the original argument got this crystal, fair and clear, without any clouds or for going to war. And Bush, with his best ally specks, got a small plate of pure gold to encompass by his side, was crossing new frontiers as a world the crystal round one half; let this be fitted on leader, committing to talks on peace in Northern Ireland and an ivory or ebony pedestal, as you may see more the Middle East. But Bush showed little sign of inner fully described in the drawing, [figure 1]. Let there be contentment. As reporters challenged him about plans for postwar Iraq, engraved a circle (A) round the crystal with these characters he grew impatient, even indignant. His legs shifting behind the around inside the circle next the crystal ; afterwards the lectern, he gestured menacingly as if to choke an enemy, name "Tetragrammaton". On the other side of the plate let demonstrating the grip Saddam Hussein once had on Iraq. When there be engraven "Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael;" which are the an American correspondent asked him to clarify what role he four principal angels ruling over the Sun, Moon, Venus and envisioned for the United Nations in rebuilding the country – Mercury; but on the table on which the crystal stands the question on everyone's mind that day – Bush sounded the following names, characters, &c. must be drawn in order. incredulous. "We have said all along there needs to be First, The names of the seven planets and angels ruling a role for the United Nations," Bush said, clearly irritated. them, with their seals or characters. The names of the "We will keep repeating it. And evidently there's some skepticism four kings of the four corners of the earth. Let here in Europe about whether or not I mean what them be all written within a double circle, with a I say. Saddam Hussein clearly knows I mean what I triangle on a table; on which place the crystal on say." Seconds later, Bush abruptly cut off questioning, a privilege its pedestal: this being done, thy table is complete (as usually assumed by the summit host. Such combativeness from Bush in the Fig. D,) and fit for the calling of has become increasingly routine, especially in dealing with reporters or the spirits; after which thou shalt proceed to experiment, thus: anyone else who dares challenge his authority. Indeed, for in what time thou wouldest deal with the spirits by president who is closely stage-managed and prides himself on discipline, the table and crystal, thou must observe the planetary hour; George W. Bush has let his temper flare publicly an and whatever planet rules in that hour, the angel governing unusual number of times. He has glared at the cameras, the planet thou shalt call in the manner following; but threatened his adversaries, even joked about running a dictatorship. The first, say this short prayer: "Oh, God! who art the outbursts, although occasional, have fed the cowboy caricature that sums author of all good things, strengthen, I beseech thee, thy up why a large number of people around the world poor servant, that he may stand fast, without fear, through are so furious with his administration and, by extension, the this dealing and work; enlighten, I beseech thee, oh Lord! United States. Yet Bush's ire is more than an interesting the dark understanding of thy creature, so that his spiritual impulse. It reflects a driving force behind his presidency. Bush eye may be opened to see and know thy angelic detests being challenged, whether by reporters or political leaders. He spirits descending here in this crystal: (then lay thy hand is unyielding in his convictions, to the exclusion of all on the crystal saying,) and thou, oh inanimate creature of else. He is principled. But he is also stubborn, a God, sanctified and consecrated, and blessed to this purpose, trait that has become a guiding force of his governing that no evil phantasy may appear in thee; or, if style, a management tool, and perhaps even a new chapter they do gain ingress into this creature, they may be in American history. In a certain sense, it is this constrained to speak intelligibly, and truly, and without the least bold rigidity that best explains his first two years in ambiguity, for Christ's sake. Amen. And forasmuch as thy servant office, which have seen an amazing string of triumphs few here standing before thee, oh, Lord! desires neither evil treasures, could have predicted when he won the election. From no injury to his neighbour, nor hurt to any living $1.3 trillion tax cut to the midterm elections to the creature, grant him the power of descrying those celestial spirits war in Iraq, Bush has repeatedly pushed all his chips or intelligences, that may appear in this crystal, and whatever into the middle of the poker table and dared his good gifts (whether the power of healing infirmities, or of opponents to challenge him. And repeatedly, he has won. Ask imbibing wisdom, or discovering any evil likely to afflict any his critics to explain how Bush operates, and the phrase person or family, or any other good gift thou mayest they come up with most often is "my way or be pleased to bestow on me, enable me, by thy the highway," bullyish words it is possible to imagine Bush wisdom and mercy, to use whatever I may receive to using himself. White House advisers delicately call it leadership, but the honour of thy holy name. Grant this for thy there is a proud feeling in the corridors of the son Christ's sake. Amen." Then taking your ring and pentacle, West Wing that Bush has accomplished more of his agenda put the ring on the little finger of your right with his swagger and determination than Bill Clinton ever did hand; hang the pentacle round thy neck ; (Note, the by being nice. Vice President Dick Cheney elaborated on it pentacle may be either wrote on clean virgin parchment, or at length earlier this year, saying in an NBC television engraven on a square plate of silver and suspended from interview that "the notion that the president is a cowboy thy neck to the breast), then take your black ebony – I don't know, is a Westerner – I think wand, with the gilt characters on it and trace the that's not necessarily a bad idea. I think the fact circle, (Fig. 7. C D E F,) saying, "In the of the matter is he cuts to the chase. He name of the blessed Trinity, I consecrate this piece of is very direct, and I find that very refreshing. "Oftentimes," ground for our defence; so that no evil spirit may Cheney continued, "you can get so tangled up in the have power to break these bounds prescribed here, through Jesus nuance and the fine points of diplomacy of dealing with Christ our Lord." Amen. Then place the vessel for the these kind of issues, engage in a large debate. But perfumes between thy circle and the holy table on which the people who make things happen, the leaders who set the crystal stands, and, having fire therein, cast in thy the world, if you will, on a new course, deal perfumes, saying, "I conjure thee, oh thou creature of fire! effectively with these kinds of threats that we've never been by him who created all things both in heaven and faced with before, will be somebody exactly like President Bush. earth, and in the sea, and in every other place I think he's exactly what the circumstances require."
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Waking up to Aphex Twin's "26 Mixes for Cash".
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Wednesday, May 07, 2003
I'll stop now.
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A Demon Responds

Is Bill Bennett's gambling a legitimate story? Sure. the demon answered: "I am called Ornias." Although if I was the editor I would have. And Solomon said to him: "Tell me, O demon, played it in Newsweek's Periscope section, not as a to what zodiacal sign thou art subject." And he word exclusive "scoop." It will probably cause Bennett answered: "To the Water-pourer. And those who are consumed some embarrassment. The rest of the hyperventilation should stop with desire for the noble virgins upon earth . now. . . . . [there appears to be a lacuna here] These stories put his total losses at $8 million, it that day by day and hour by hour but it's unclear as to whether or not those thou growest thinner?" But the child said to are net losses. For a sense of scale, the the king: "I pray thee, O king. Listen to Washington Post's Michael Leahy reported that during a typical what has befallen all that thy child hath. After night out with Michael Jordan, the basketball great went we are all released from our work on the down $500,000 and then finished up $600,000 at the Temple of God, after sunset, when I lie down blackjack table. Remember, that's in a single night.) But to rest, one of the evil demons comes and my sense is that the left is going to takes away from me one half of my pay use Bennett's gambling to try to drive him out and one half of my food. Then he also of public life. Why? Hypocrisy, of course. Never mind takes hold of my right hand and sucks my that Bennett seems to have mentioned gambling only in thumb. And lo, my soul is oppressed, and so passing here and there. He certainly hasn't made a my body wax thinner every day. Now career out of condemning gambling. And on the other when I Solomon heard this, I entered the Temple side of the coin, he's never flacked for the of God, and prayed with all my soul, night gaming industry. And besides all that, in his books and day, that the demon might be delivered into on morality and virtue (at least the ones I've my hands, and that I might gain authority over read) Bennett doesn't hold himself up as the model him. Nevertheless, the Washington Monthly, which grace was given to me from the Lord Sabaoth the beefier version of the story, seems bent by Michael his archangel. [He brought me] a little on clubbing Bennett with the hypocrisy stick. But while ring, having a seal consisting of an engraved stone, they're castigating Bennett for gambling today, they were staunch and said to me: "Take, O Solomon, king, son defenders of sin-magnet Bill Clinton just a few years of David, the gift which the Lord God has back. In the cover story for the October 1998 sent thee, the highest Sabaoth. With it thou shalt issue of the Washington monthly, "Sex, Lies, & Presidents: lock up all demons of the earth, male and Bill Clinton's not the first president to shade the female; and with their help thou shalt build up truth," Rick Shenkman wrote: Every generation draws lessons about Jerusalem. [But] thou [must] wear this seal of God. And this engraving of the seal of the ring that appeased Hitler at Munich concluded that unchecked aggression sent thee is a Pentalpha. And I Solomon was a lie told by a government official is never overjoyed, and praised and glorified the God of heaven just a lie; it is a sign of deep, and earth. And on the morrow I called the profound corruption. But it may be time to rethink boy, and gave him the ring, and said to the lesson of Vietnam and Watergate as we once him: "take this, and at the hour in which had to rethink the lesson of Munich. If we the demon shall come unto thee, throw this ring find a man likable and approve of the job at the chest of the demon, and say to he's doing, then perhaps we should overlook his lies. him: 'In the name of God, King Solomon calls Certainly, it's doubtful we should impeach him. In that thee hither.' And then do thou come running to same issue Charles Peters asked "How can anyone be me, without having any misgivings or fear in respect serious about impeaching a president for a sin that of aught thou mayest hear on the part of is not related to his public duties?" And on the demon." [D: Come! Solomon summons you!] the subject of Clinton's perjury, Peters was even more. So the child took the ring, and dismissive: Men who commit adultery lie to protect the went off; and behold, at the [17] customary hour feelings of their wives and to protect themselves from Ornias, the fierce demon, came FIRST THINGS FIRST: I don't know Bill Bennett, I've Twilit Grotto. All rights blazing with the news that Bennett, a conservative and reserved. This text is an Old Testament Pseudepigraphic catalog author of "The Book of Virtues," among other titles, of demons summoned by King Solomon, and how they gamble (read the two stories in Newsweek and the can be countered by invoking angels and other magical Washington Monthly here and here). And he doesn't just techniques. It is one of the oldest magical texts gamble a little, he gambles a lot. Certain commentators attributed to King Solomon, dating First to Third Century are shocked--shocked!--at this breathtaking scoop. Expect the mainstream press to jump king in Jerusalem, and mastered and controlled all spirits on this tomorrow and similar guffawing and sniggering from of the air, on the earth, and under the Maureen Dowd, Bob Herbert, et al. to follow by earth. By means of them also he wrought all no later than Tuesday morning. I don't understand the transcendent works of the Temple. Telling also of the big deal is. The news that Bennett gambles the authorities they wield against men, and by what big-time isn't new. In 1996 Margaret Carlson reported that angels these demons are brought to naught. Of the Bennett won $60,000 in a single outing in Las sage Solomon. Blessed art thou, O Lord God, who Vegas. Of course being old news wouldn't matter if didst give Solomon such authority. Glory to thee and it was a serious charge. But legal gambling is, might unto the ages. Amen. And behold, well, legal. One is tempted to argue that Bennett's when the Temple of the city of Jerusalem was gambling is a legal, common, private activity. But that being built, and the artificers were working thereat, Ornias shouldn't necessarily protect him. If Bennett was cheating and the demon came among them toward sunset; and he his wife (which is also legal, common, and private) took away half of the pay of the chief-deviser's it would be a serious charge, but that's because 1 little boy, as well as half his food. He also continued to suck the thumb of hurt others. On the scale of legal, common, private his right hand every day. And the child grew activities, gambling is much closer to smoking than adultery. Thin, although he was very much loved by the Would the world shudder if it turned out that king. Bennett was a two-pack-a-day man? Two reporters came upon an interesting story about questioned him, saying: "Do I not love thee more a rich guy who gambles a lot. (By the than all the artisans who are working in the way, unless we know Bennett's worth and income, it's Temple of God? Do I not give thee double impossible to judge just how big he was gambling. Wages and a double supply of food?

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Cuomo's Defense

If today from a God should only seemingly unlikely source, withdraw his hand Mario M. Cuomo, from the flood-gate, former governor of it would immediately New York and fly open, and frequent philosophical adversary of the fiery floods of Mr. Bennett, of the fierceness said and wrath of interview that he God, would rush did not condemn forth with inconceivable him. "It's hard for fury, and would me to see come upon you what he did with omnipotent power; wrong," Mr. Cuomo said. "Gambling is strength were ten not a sin, thousand times greater it's not illegal, than it is, He didn't condemn yea, ten thousand it and then times greater than contradict himself. He the strength of didn't hurt anyone. The stoutest, sturdiest He didn't lie devil in hell, about it, he it would be didn't try to nothing to withstand hide it. He or endure it. The doesn't think he's bow of God's a saint and wrath is bent, he doesn't pretend the arrow to be. Now made ready on he has admitted the string, and it's excessive and justice bends the sets a bad arrow at your example of indulgence heart, and strains and said his the bow, and gambling days are it is nothing over."

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Bennett in the Hands of an Angry God

In Atlantic City, for worship. Yea, there is nothing else that is to be example, where Bennett has done much of his gambling, state given as a reason why you do not this very law sets a minimum payout of 83 percent. However, because moment drop down into hell of market competition—everyone wants the "Loosest Slots in Town!" title—the actual average is much higher, usually estimated in the range of 90 percent to 95 percent. (Predictably, casinos are rather cagey about their gaming statistics.) The remaining 5 percent to 10 percent is referred to hell the last night; that you was suffered to to favor the house, and the rapid action translates into awake again in this world, after you closed your eyes rapid losses. The notion of any machine being "hot" or to sleep. And there is no other reason to be "cold" on a given evening is pure myth since they're given, why you have not dropped into hell since you powered by computer chips that function as random number generators. arose in the morning, but that God's hand has held the belief among slot pullers that past losses mean soon-to-be-realized you up. There is no other reason to be given jackpots—the "I'm due" mentality—is referred to as the "gambler's fallacy." Why you have not gone to hell, since you have One bet has absolutely nothing sight; you are ten thousand poker, does his claim hold mathematical water? As a few lucky times more abominable in his eyes, than the most hateful Powerball winners can attest, nothing's impossible when it comes to venomous serpent is in ours. You have offended him infinitely fighting astronomical odds. But it's highly improbable—bordering on absurd—that Bennett more than ever a stubborn rebel did his prince; and has broken even through the years. The primary factor working yet it is nothing but his hand that holds you against the former White House drug czar is his choice from falling into the fire every moment. It is to of games. Professional gamblers and mathematicians alike eschew slot machines be ascribed to nothing else, that you did not go as suckers' bets; since no skill is involved, they're fixed explainer Answers to your questions about the The God that holds you over the pit of hell, news. By much as one holds a spider, or some loathsome insect over the fire, abhors you, and is dreadfully provoked: his PT Conservative moralist William Bennett says he's "come out wrath towards you burns like fire; he looks upon you pretty close to even" gambling over the past decade, contradicting as worthy of nothing else, but to be cast into a report that pegs his losses at around $8 million. the fire; he is of purer eyes than to bear given Bennett's stated preference for high-stakes slot machines and video to have you in his.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2003
TCM's Caspar David Friedrich Gallery
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following generated with this online program using preceding poem and version with today's Paul Krugman in the NYT

grazulis - william s. burroughs - cutup machine
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Parallax Krugman Cut Up

Why is the failure to find any evidence of an active Iraqi nuclear weapons program, or vast quantities of chemical and biological weapons (a few drums David Bromige There’s only victorious general and John one explosion and it’s Kennedy a genuine war about an hour and hero, but while in three minutes in. We’re office neither wore anything meeting William Daniels on that resembled military garb. Given a yacht and he’s that history, George Bush's very jumpy in his commodore "Top Gun" act aboard outfit and with good reason it the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln turns out. Blunted through three — c'mon, guys, it decades of quotation--the yacht in wasn't about honoring the the distance, soundless poof, in troops, it was about for a closeup on showing the president in the now roaring flames--its easy to a flight suit — forget how much more was as scary as decisively the horizon’s sudden modest it was funny. Mind you, interruption announced the imperium’s deliberate it was funny. At reach-- its ultimately calm approach-- than first the White House the petulant shotgun of claimed the dramatic tail-hook Hopper or the baroque apocalypse landing was necessary because of Antonioni; a moment of the carrier was too static apprehension blinking in broad far out to use daylight before a bitter disposition-- over a helicopter. In fact, which your paintings layer the the ship was so cops outside in quiet pre-riot close to shore that, mode, the victorious honking restrained according to The Associated even on Robson-- the particulate Press, administration officials "acknowledged drift of the spectators still positioning the massive ship walking around inside. to provide the best TV angle for Bush's speech, with the sea as his background instead of the San Diego coastline." A U.S.-based British home to accompany the Man on Horseback Georges Boulanger cut them all a while a fine figure; he they seek the still looked splendid in uniform, abundant mine entrance, through and magnificent on horseback. which your paintings layer. So his handlers made the cops outside in sure that he appeared quiet mode, the foundation in uniform, astride and David Bromige There’s horse, as often as about 95 minutes in. possible. It worked: Boulanger became 1725 I did a immensely popular. If he loop on the now hadn't lost his nerve roaring easy to forget on the night of how much as har the attempted putsch, French And end of ornamentation. democracy might have ended Frogs cockades+are so much in 1889. We do things the maintenance of mobile differently here — or kettle with a braided we used to. Has surtout with loamy topsoil "man on horseback" politics continues the particulate drift come to America? Some background: of a loop on the Constitution declares the the most scenic harbourfronts president commander in chief on the lintel. May of the armed forces be missed nanaimo is to make it clear such as+ a kind of that civilians, not the vancouver island I did military, hold ultimate authority.

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Parallax Dub

home to accompany the lintel. posted
by poisoning
them all a while they seek the still abundant
mine entrance, through which your paintings
layer the cops
outside in quiet
mode, the foundation and
David Bromige There’s
about 95 minutes
1725 I did a loop on the now roaring
easy to forget how much as har
end of ornamentation. Frogs cockades+are
so much the maintenance of mobile kettle with a braided
surtout with loamy topsoil continues
the particulate drift of
a loop
on the most scenic harbourfronts
on the lintel.
May be missed nanaimo is such as+
a kind of vancouver
island I did a
belt 1876
Voyle & Stevenson Milit.

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Parallax’s Point

For Mina Totino and David Bromige

There’s only one explosion and it’s about an hour
and three minutes in. We’re meeting
William Daniels
on a yacht and he’s very
jumpy in his commodore outfit
and with good reason
it turns out. Blunted
through three decades
of quotation--the yacht in the distance,
soundless poof,
in for a closeup on the
now roaring flames--its easy
to forget how much more
decisively the horizon’s
sudden modest interruption announced
the imperium’s deliberate reach--
its ultimately calm approach--
than the petulant shotgun of Hopper
or the baroque apocalypse of Antonioni;
a moment of static apprehension
blinking in broad daylight
before a bitter disposition--
over which your paintings layer
the cops outside
in quiet pre-riot mode, the
victorious honking
restrained even on Robson--
the particulate drift
of the spectators
still walking around inside.

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The Alterran Poetry Assemblage
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Amazing long poem from Harewood's Kevin Davies here, amongst much else
of note--R. Mittenthal and L. Wolsak just for two...

Kevin Davies - Lateral Argument
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Monday, May 05, 2003
A Wedder of Mr. Cully's Breed
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Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)
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check out La Bolduc below! also links to lots of other great singers and musicians from Canada's past--all in streaming audio or mp3's, lots of info:

Bolduc - The Virtual Gramophone
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interesting friend of Blake's:

John Linnell Archive
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I did the Dubs below with this:

Rob's Amazing Poem Generator
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I've figured out how to link--do check out the Haeckel especially.

Greetings to new buddy Oscar Strathcona!

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Ernst Haeckel: Kunstformen der Natur
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Photography: Soulcatcher Studio: Karl Blossfeldt
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Sunday, May 04, 2003
Dub mosses

AM home to go
in fact nanaimo
is a hatchet,
may be missed nanaimo is the
broken images.Let men find the light
Dragoons 39
The old route, the
stones and frogs
behind. the archives work
of pink
mist above the
dung helps against
Frogstooles with difficulty. The north nanaimo is a coastal
town of
georgia through a name given to
unseal their gates are
better named, for rail America, a fun
nanaimo is serviced by
both air canada/air bc
nanaimo is disposed
of a
couple of the
gentle demand of
Innumerable shapes,And know their cudgels and shiny
manner both air
bc nanaimo is the side of a fun nanaimo is
cockades+are better
adapted than themselvesAnd that
might as the irrelevance of
stone. world
1840 II.

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Tuesday, April
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AM Friday, May 02, 2003
Listening to:weigh
about 95 minutes
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Friday, May 02, 2003
Away from the Manse for a couple of days.
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Not really a holler so much as a bowl, into which sound enters or leaves with difficulty. The peacocks up the street, the parakeet up the other street, the low rumble of Rail America, whose patriotically festooned cars hauled freight through the muttering commonwealth to the Port Alberni mill, gone now but for the once a week legal requirement that all eight cars emptily replicate the old route, the maintenance of a footpath in common law. One of those places where the Empire, appearing to recede, re-advances as a ghost.

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Thursday, May 01, 2003
I think the archives work now.
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The pivot wobbles. Lying there about the level of Ozu's camera your head turns slowly left, then right, as if brushing its gaze against the lemon pound cakes of early afternoon light, upturned briar carousels and rusty rings of bouillion. The clock's ticking for the tops of those young maples almost brushing the power line. Occupation is such an ugly word. Settling is what dust does best, and if they can't be relied upon to unseal their bids, why not open up the jails? Pioneers of subsistence will trade their cudgels and wooden shoes for brooms and sandals.

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Gotan Project (French gypsy house)

Pardon the broken long lines, I'm serving the growing market for nature reference. The accordionists black key stabs caused the humid air to ripple in a pulse of pink mist above the dancers heads. The clank of the pocket-sized tractor and grader spreading dirt over the thickly treed meadow of the old mine entrance, through which the scabs were chased by anarcho-syndicalist Finns one step ahead of the King’s army. Covering the still abundant mine tailings with loamy topsoil continues the work of Empire, I guess, that mild threat of arms ultimately behind the neighbour’s lawn enquiry. Not a manifesto for a hockey riot, surely, more the agreeable filibuster of a companion animal whuffling his snout against the lintel.

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One more from Hugh:

The Skeleton of the Future
(At Lenin's Tomb)

Red granite and black diorite, with the blue
Of the labradorite crystals gleaming like precious stones
In the light reflected from the snow; and behind them
The eternal lightning of Lenin's bones.

this also from "Stony Limits" 1934

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